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Rob McGrath

WELCOME to my old school web site.
Click around and check out some of my past cartoons, illustrations and commercial pieces while I work on updates to these pages. I'll be getting rid of some of the truly ancient stuff, but a lot of the content will remain, because the works are still good representations of what I believe I do best.

If you're looking to hire me for a freelance design, illustration or cartoon project, just send an e-mail to rmcg at this web address, and I'll get right back to you. Otherwise, kick back, click back, and enjoy. More to come. - Rob


HOO Cares! Now more than ever?

I have not drawn a new HOO Cares! comic in years. Some of the strips are pretty dated (the 9/11 strips in particular), but most of them are still very relevant today. I'm thinking maybe the time is right to draw some new ones, update the whole concept. Who cares? It could be fun. Watch for new strips...I swear, I'm gonna draw some!


"BITCH - The Movie"

Connect to "Bitch" PageIt's been three years since I last posted an update to "Bitch," but it's still kinda cool. I'll be adding some more animations samples as I update and redesign the site. Meanwhile, if you need some animation for UI or advertising, drop me a line and I'll get you some samples.

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