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A high-profile gallery exhibit that could make or break his career looms just days away, and painter Kai Buffman has nothing left in him but self-doubt, nagging fear and the colloquial wisdom of a well-intentioned elevator operator.

"Bitch" - The Story

Sequestered in his seaside studio loft above the nuvo hippe Bon Max Gallery, free from distractions and intrusions, Kai sets brush to canvas. But when his first all night session produces some particularly dreadful results, Kai begins to question his ability to remain creatively vital.

Buffman searches deep within himself, he searches his past, he even searches between the sofa cushions, for the inspiration that will finally revive his ailing muse. Unsure of his own sanity, drawn to the brink, painted into a corner, nearly exhausted of metaphorical puns, Buffman finally explodes in a creative tempest, with spectacular results which threaten to cast a cloud over his big debut.

Emotionally and physically battered, Kai Buffman must now face the intense scrutiny of the critics and fickle art patrons. Can his career survive his own opening night exhibition?

For the answers to these questions, visit the "Bitch" Stuff online store and grab a cool shirt or art box for your favorite tormented artist. The proceeds from your purchases go directly to me, to help me finish work on "Bitch." And then we'll all know how it ends!

Making the Movie

Like much of the animation work you see via internet channels, this animated film is not actually a film, at least not in the strictest sense of the word. There is no film involved in any way. "Bitch" is basically a Flash film (that is, created with Macromedia Flash software), with most of the actual artwork done in Adobe Illustrator.

Many animators like to draw directly into Flash (or similar programs...there are others out there, or so the rumor goes). Using a Wacom tablet/pen input device, they sketch their characters right onto the computer. I prefer the precise line control I can achieve with Illustrator, though I don't doubt that control is largely due to years of unwaivering devotion and about a billion or two clicks 'n' drags.


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