The Basics

"Spam spam spam spam spam spam bacon and spam"
"But I don't want ANY spam!"

No spam from this site, I can tell you that! This is not a commercial site, and I am not mining for information. I will never e-mail you or supply your name to someone else unless you have explicity given me permission to do so (such as signing up to receive mailings, newsletters, progress updates, and information). You will always have an option to remove your name from any mailing list you have signed up for.

Cookies & Third Party Links

This site sets the most basic of cookies which enables me to count traffic to particular pages, to see how many people are return visitors, what type of browser they use, basic stuff like that. This helps me optimize the site and fix problems. No information pointing to you as an individual is ever retrieved by rmcgcreative.com. Your IP address may be logged if you participate in public forums or message boards. This is done to help prevent fraud and track abuse.

That being said...my site features several links to outside content. While I make every effort to screen the sites to which I am supplying links, I can't take responsibility for what happens after you have left my site. Be sure to check the privacy policy of the sites you visit if you are in doubt. Basically, if I have supplied the link here, it means I have visited the site and have not experienced any problems as a result. Surf safe!

Online Shopping

The RMcG Stores are powered by CafePress.com. Their Shopping Cart will need to set a cookie in order to place and track your order. All information you provide to execute a purchase is secure and encrypted. No credit card numbers, addresses or other identifying information is ever tracked by or provided to rmcgcreative.com by Cafe Press -- please read Cafe Press's privacy policy for further information on what it does with data you provide.

E-Mail Addresses

If you sign up for a mailing list from rmcgcreative.com, your information will only be used for that particular list (such as signing up for updates about HOO Cares!). No information from this site is ever shared with third parties or sold to anyone for any reason. But that doesn't mean Big Brother isn't watching both of us right now...so be careful out there.

If you have any questions about this policy please feel free to e-mail me. - Rob McG


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