T5. Th9 21st, 2023

“Adin Ross bị cáo buộc vi phạm bản quyền sai sự thật sau khi xoá video 1 năm trước”

Streamer Adin Ross has become the center of a copyright dispute, with accusations of unreasonable copyright opposition against him. The allegations revolve around an old video featuring Adin, which has raised concerns about the misuse of copyright opposition by content creators. The incident highlights the challenges that platforms like YouTube face in balancing copyright protection with preventing false claims. Legal owners must immediately resolve and confirm the ownership of any copyright infringement videos that YouTube carries out. However, false copyright claims made by content creators continue to pose a major challenge. Adin Ross has been criticized for abusing copyright opposition to stifle competition and control the narrative around his own content. The incident calls for a reevaluation of the copyright opposition system, with stricter and more transparent regulations to protect the rights and creativity of content creators in the digital age.

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