T5. Th9 28th, 2023

“Brooks Koepka và Dustin Johnson tiết lộ LÝ DO THỰC SỰ sau sự ủng hộ LIV mặc dù sáp nhập golf”

Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson have made a controversial decision to stay with LIV Golf instead of returning to the PGA Tour after the merger between the two organizations. While some players are celebrating the merger, Koepka and Johnson prefer to continue their current tour. They are happy with playing less golf in a year and enjoying more downtime compared to their hectic schedules in the past. The details of the PGA-LIV merger are still undisclosed, but even if LIV Golf players are allowed to return to the Tour, they may face penalties or suspensions. Both Koepka and Johnson have expressed their satisfaction with their current positions and want to make the most of each day. They believe that their well-prepared LIV schedules have helped them perform better in tournaments like The Masters. Despite rumors of Koepka’s return to the PGA Tour, it seems he is content where he is. On the other hand, Johnson is excited about the future of LIV Golf, as he believes the merger will elevate the organization to a higher level. The golfing world is eagerly awaiting news from Tiger Woods, who is expected to join one of the six TGL teams in 2024 after recovering from his injuries. As for Johnson, he is happy with his current situation and has no intention of returning to the PGA Tour. Fans are curious to see how Woods and other players will respond to the current golfing landscape. The upcoming tournaments in 2023 will provide an interesting backdrop for the merger and the ongoing controversy. It will be intriguing to witness how other golfers will approach and shape the new era of golf. For now, both Koepka and Johnson are satisfied with the current trend. In a surprising turn of events, the PGA Tour’s board of directors, including Rory McIlroy and Patrick Cantlay, have approved the controversial PGA-LIV merger. McIlroy has surpassed Dustin Johnson with a career earnings of $75 million from the PGA Tour after the Travelers Championship.

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