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Charles Leclerc gieo bóng tối lên Max Verstappen sau thất bại “đắng lòng” của tay đua Ferrari trong vòng loại GP Áo.

Charles Leclerc has proven himself to be a formidable contender in the Austrian Grand Prix qualifying session. The Monegasque driver will start the race from the front row after completing a lap in just 0.048 seconds. While Max Verstappen, the two-time world champion, may have closed the gap, Leclerc still wants more battles with the Dutch driver. The Ferrari driver achieved a good result in qualifying but has made it clear that he is not satisfied. Leclerc has stated that he is here to win, not to settle for second place. He said, “I’m never happy in second position. I’m only happy when I’m in first.” Hence, the 25-year-old racer implies that there is still much work to be done in Maranello to truly challenge the reigning world champions.

Furthermore, Leclerc emphasizes that despite achieving promising results in qualifying, there is still much to be achieved. The Monegasque driver says, “Mixed feelings. Very close to Max, but still not enough.” The 25-year-old not only wants to get closer to the two-time world champion but also wants to beat him on the track with a car capable of competing with the Red Bull RB-19.

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Can Charles Leclerc reclaim the Austrian Grand Prix?

Charles Leclerc celebrates on the podium at the Austrian GP in 2022 (image via Times of India)

Charles Leclerc has won the Austrian Grand Prix in 2022. This is the Monegasque driver’s final victory in F1. The Ferrari team has been trailing behind Red Bull throughout the season. Scuderia has failed to match Milton Keynes’ challenge earlier this year. However, the Italian team has lost pace compared to the reigning world champions in the final rounds. Leclerc and teammate Carlos Sainz have pointed out that Ferrari is lagging behind Red Bull in race pace. Maranello was surprised to see themselves fiercely competing with Verstappen for pole position, but this could provide an opportunity for the Monegasque driver to replicate his previous victory and once again stand on top of the podium. The good work of the team has pushed a lot to bring upgrades sooner. Feeling good, good race, great to be back at the front on Sunday.

Therefore, Charles Leclerc has made it clear that he intends to win in Formula 1. The 25-year-old driver is not satisfied with starting from the front row just behind Max Verstappen, despite a mere 0.048-second difference. However, it remains to be seen whether Leclerc can channel his determination in the right direction and ultimately claim victory in the race once again after a year-long gap. Just in case you missed it: Esteban Ocon breaks silence on Ryan Reynolds’ $217 million investment in Alpine Max Verstappen calls on the Orange Army to ‘drink less and behave’ at the Austrian GP.

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