T4. Th9 27th, 2023

Charles Leclerc và Carlos Sainz vui mừng khi xếp top 3 tại vòng loại Grand Prix Áo, gần Red Bull hơn dự đoán.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have secured promising starting positions for the Austrian Grand Prix, with Ferrari outpacing Max Verstappen in the qualifying round. Leclerc will begin the race from P2, while Sainz will start from P3. The Scuderia has shown significant progress in recent races, closing the gap with Milton Keynes. Both drivers were pleased with the positive results in qualifying. Leclerc expressed his delight at having a clean qualifying session at the Red Bull Ring and noted the team’s significant improvement in the latter stages of the season. The 25-year-old driver continued to set impressive lap times in the earlier sessions before giving it his all in Q3. Leclerc explained, “Q1 and Q2 are about building up to that final lap in Q3. I tried to put everything I wanted into that final lap in Q3.” Leclerc also mentioned the surprise of the team’s high position, stating, “We were close to Max, but we didn’t expect to be this close to Red Bull.” The Monegasque driver expressed his gratitude to the team members who returned to Maranello when Ferrari introduced major updates to their car in recent races. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are anticipating a challenging race ahead against Max Verstappen. Ferrari may have secured a front-row position with Leclerc, but the Monegasque driver remains cautious about the team’s prospects on race day. The 25-year-old believes that Scuderia will need to be consistent to compete with Red Bull, stating, “Red Bull has the pace and it will be very difficult.” Leclerc missed out on the pole position by just 0.048 seconds. Similarly, Carlos Sainz was surprised by Ferrari’s pace, outperforming Red Bull by a lap. The Spanish driver believes that the race could present a completely different picture on Saturday if things change on the track. Despite his satisfaction with Scuderia’s progress, Sainz said, “We’ve made some progress recently. Closer to Max, that was quite a surprise.” Leclerc expressed his delight at once again securing a clean qualifying session and returning to the front. He felt that things have been improving in the past few races, and in Q1 and Q2, it was about building up to that final lap in Q3. “I tried to put everything I wanted into that final lap in Q3,” he said. Therefore, the Ferrari driver is content with the speed shown in qualifying. However, Leclerc had achieved a pole position earlier this year at the Azerbaijan GP. The Italian team did not expect to be this close to Verstappen and Red Bull. Nevertheless, the Scuderia and its drivers are aware that they could fall behind Milton Keynes in the race.

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