T5. Th9 21st, 2023

Christian Horner cung cấp thông tin ‘gây sốc’ về tương lai của Sergio Perez với Red Bull

Sergio Pérez and Christian Horner are facing a tough situation with Perez’s start to the F1 2023 season. To add to their woes, the qualifying round for the Austrian GP on Friday didn’t make things any better. The Mexican driver is under immense pressure to deliver a good result this weekend. However, things haven’t been looking too optimistic for Perez so far. On the other hand, teammate Max Verstappen has been performing exceptionally well this season. The Dutch driver has won seven out of the nine races held so far. Additionally, Red Bull has also emerged victorious in all races this season. This is a remarkable achievement and a sign of true mastery. However, one thing seems to be not working out. Sergio Perez is still unable to match Max Verstappen’s performance or come close to his form. Despite Red Bull’s absolute progress, Perez has not been able to regain his form and has let the team down so far. The Mexican driver exited Q2, causing another shock to his team and fans. After clearing all lap times, Perez couldn’t finish in Q2 and ended up in 15th place. This, in turn, has raised more questions about his future with the team. Christian Horner has come forward to provide a similar update. Christian Horner defends Sergio Perez despite poor performance Sergio Pérez and Christian Horner This is what Christian Horner had to say about his driver when asked about Perez’s precarious position. “Everyone is fully behind Checo, so any talk of him being replaced is nonsensical,” he told SkySportsF1. However, many refuse to believe that to be the case. Red Bull is known for its ruthlessness towards its drivers. Many have come and gone. Drivers like Pierre Gasly and Alex Albon are prime examples. Sergio missed the Thursday press conference due to illness and returned on Friday. This is the fourth race weekend this year that Sergio Pérez has failed to make it into Q3. This is what has improved the overall situation. Surely, the Mexican driver will have to do something to hold onto his seat, or it will be a difficult phone call with Christian Horner. However, it will be interesting to see what Perez will do to salvage his weekend. In case you missed it: Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are the only drivers who can DUMP Max Verstappen, Ralf Schumacher declares Mercedes extends George Russell’s contract amid uncertainty over Lewis Hamilton’s future.

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