T5. Th9 28th, 2023

““Cùng đi nào cưng ơi!” – Yankee Domingo German thống trị Athletics bằng trận đấu hoàn hảo đầu tiên kể từ năm 2012, Twitter MLB phản ứng”

Domingo German, a pitcher for the New York Yankees, has made history by throwing a perfect game, becoming the first Yankee to do so since 1999. German’s remarkable achievement comes after a season of disappointment for the team, with criticism directed at their tactics and strategies. Despite facing personal issues off the field, German has emerged as a standout player for the Yankees this season. The team and their fans are celebrating this momentous occasion, but they must remain focused as they still have another game to play against the Athletics. The outcome of that game will determine the true success of this historic performance.

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