T5. Th9 21st, 2023

“F1 chuyên gia khuyên Ferrari ném bom để đuổi đuổi Lewis Hamilton, trước khi cửa sổ đóng lại sớm”

Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion in Formula 1, is yet to sign a new contract with Mercedes. F1 expert Tom Coronel has advised the Ferrari F1 team to do everything possible to recruit the British driver from Toto Wolff’s Mercedes F1 team. Coronel believes that Ferrari needs something new to bring the team back to the top of the racing world, and Lewis Hamilton could be that missing piece. Despite the encouragement from F1 experts, Hamilton himself has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t see himself leaving Mercedes in the near future. Nonetheless, Ferrari has an opportunity to pursue Hamilton, but it will require something special to attract him away from his current team.

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