Find an Orthodontist in Corpus Christi, Texas

Find an Orthodontist in Corpus Christi, Texas

orthodontist in corpus christi

It is hard to describe the feeling of dread that goes through you as you approach the dentist to have an orthodontist corpus christi perform root canal treatment on your damaged or crooked teeth. The fear that you may have been a victim of a professionally carried out botched root canal can ruin a perfectly good holiday otherwise planned trip to the beach with the ones you love. You want to go in there relaxed and confident to enjoy the day, not freaked out by what is about to happen to you. You don’t know if you are going to get an x-ray or the real thing, you can’t even make a call to see if someone is available to help, and you are completely frazzled with fear. All you want is a professional, straight back smile that makes you feel ten feet tall again, just like you used to.


What you need to know first is what your options are when it comes to getting an orthodontist in Corpus Christi to perform root canal treatment on your teeth. The reason you were sedated while they performed the root canal treatment on you was so that your orthodontist could get a good look at the teeth in front of him. As he saw them, he could evaluate how badly you had been damaged and if it would take more than just a root canal to fix all of it. In most cases with severely damaged teeth, it is very common for an orthodontist in Corpus Christi to recommend extraction. This means that your teeth will be removed from your mouth and sent to the dental laboratory to be put under the microscope and viewed under a powerful electron microscope so that orthodontists can work on the nerves that have been damaged in your jaw as well as the roots of the teeth. This way they can realign your teeth and rebuild them for a natural smile.


Once the damage has been done and the wires have been run, the orthodontist in Corpus Christi will numb the area around your face so that your body will not feel any pain during the procedure. After that is completed, the dentist will place gauze around your head to protect it from swelling during the root canal procedure. The orthodontist in Corpus Christi will then put the wire around your face, under your jaw bone, above your ear, below your chin, and above your tongue so that the pain will only be felt by him. This way he can work on fixing the problem without you feeling any pain.

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