T5. Th9 21st, 2023

George Russell đưa ra tuyên bố GÂY SỐC trước GP Áo, cho rằng hiệu suất của Red Bull đã giảm.

George Russell, the star of Mercedes, is optimistic about the progress of Mercedes in chasing Red Bull, believing that their rivals have shown signs of regression since the start of the season. In Canada, the time gap for Max Verstappen was less than 15 seconds for the first time under normal conditions, while in most races this season, it has been over 20 seconds. Russell warned that there is still a long way to go before they can truly compete for a deserving win. However, even with a slight difference, Russell asserts that Red Bull has taken a step back. He said, “It feels like they are getting closer to us by a notch. When you look at the average level compared to the whole field, for whatever reason, it seems like Red Bull may have regressed a bit. When they were three steps ahead, now they are two steps ahead. So, they are still gaining a lot of profit.” Russell hopes that the British team will catch up with Max Verstappen and Red Bull as soon as possible. Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, has expressed increased satisfaction with the handling of the Mercedes W14, thanks to a series of improvements made by their team. Previously, Hamilton had voiced his dissatisfaction with the handling of the Mercedes W13 last year and the current W14, but with the recent philosophical changes of the team, he now has more confidence in the car’s handling. With the improved harmony between the car and the driver, both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell will strive to compete with Aston Martin and Red Bull for the third consecutive podium finish for the team. The battle for the Constructors’ P2 championship between AMR and Mercedes is intense, and a podium finish for Mercedes would certainly benefit their careers. In case you missed it: Red Bull does not have the ‘divine right’ to dominate F1, says James Allison as he remains confident in Mercedes’ comeback. Kristian supports Mercedes’ George Russell, stating that a ban on F1 tire swapping may not be the right path for sustainable development.

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