T4. Th9 27th, 2023

“Jake Paul quyết định dừng Nate Diaz – kẻ đàn áp đường phố vì thời kỳ của Stockton Slugger đã hết”

Jake Paul, a famous YouTuber-turned-boxer, is set to face off against UFC fighter Nate Diaz in August. The two fighters held their first press conference recently. Before the press conference, Diaz had a brawl in New Orleans where he attacked one of the fighters in the crowd of a boxing event and then choked a man outside the event who turned out to resemble Logan Paul. However, Logan offered to pay Rodney Peterson (who resembled him) to legally track down Nate Diaz for assaulting him. Despite this, Diaz signed the contract and is preparing for his first boxing match. Diaz is known for his aggressive nature and confrontational actions, which make him seem like a bully. Nate has promised to return to UFC after defeating all the YouTuber fighters. Conor McGregor has shown interest in the fight and gave a green card on Twitter. The fight will take place in Dallas, Texas in August, and it is highly anticipated.

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