T5. Th9 28th, 2023

“Marcelo Brozovic từ chối Barca và chuyển đến Saudi” – CĐV Barcelona chôn vùi anh ta sau khi anh ta bỏ họ để theo Cristiano Ronaldo và Al Nassr.

Marcelo Brozovic, the Croatian midfielder, has made the decision to leave FC Barcelona and accept the offer from Saudi club Al Nassr. A verbal agreement has been reached between the parties involved. According to journalist Fabrizio Romano, Brozovic has agreed to the offer presented by Al Nassr and is ready to join them in Saudi Arabia. The contract is said to be for a duration of 3 years and expected to expire in 2026. Al Nassr will pay Inter Milan a transfer fee of 23 million euros. Brozovic is set to earn a package of 100 million euros over the course of three years. The deal between Inter and Al Nassr for this player is believed to have been reached a few days ago, but Brozovic initially did not accept. He wanted a higher salary than what Al Nassr was offering. The Croatian star had hinted at a possible move to Barcelona, leaving many to believe that he would continue his career in Europe and join the Spanish giants. Barca fans are currently disappointed with this player as he has agreed to leave the Spanish powerhouse. Brozovic is now moving to Al Nassr alongside Cristiano Ronaldo.

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