CN. Th10 1st, 2023

“Mattia Binotto dứt khoát từ chối lời dẫn dắt dự án F1 trị giá 200 triệu USD của Audi tại Neuberg”

Mattia Binotto, the former Team Principal of Ferrari, has been identified as a potential candidate to lead Audi’s F1 campaign in 2026. However, Binotto was not impressed with Audi’s current facilities, despite a recent exclusive tour of their Neuberg base. Audi has invested over $200 million in its new facility and hired 300 new employees to fulfill their F1 ambitions. Although the rejection by Binotto was a significant setback for Audi, the German automaker is determined to push forward with its F1 plans. Andreas Seidl, the former McLaren Team Principal, has been brought on board to oversee the team’s operations and prepare for the merger with Audi in 2026. With everything happening around Audi’s F1 entry in 2026, do you think they will succeed in their first F1 campaign?

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