T5. Th9 21st, 2023

“Người bạn thân nhất của Gerard Pique chê bai bài hát tấn công đối với cựu đội trưởng Barcelona Shakira là ‘kì lạ’, nói rằng nó có thể đã ‘tệ hơn'”

Ibai Llanos, a friend of Gerard Pique, recently reacted to Session 53 Bizarrap and Shakira playing with Pique’s voice, sung by AI. The hit song, Shakira’s first shot at her ex-boyfriend after their breakup, was uploaded on YouTube four months ago, and Ibai had listened to Session 53 before. However, in his latest video uploaded three days ago, he reacted to Pique’s Session 53 version through AI. The Session 53 of Bizarrap and Shakira has been a huge success and has had more views on Argentina’s channels than Quevedo’s very famous song in Session 52. But the latest version of Session 53 has become a meme due to Gerard Pique’s voice. Ibai Llanos considers this Pique version of Session 53 as a joke because the former captain likes this joke more than the Casio watch incident or the event where Gerard Pique arrived in a Renault Twingo. While watching the music video with Gerard Pique’s voice, Ibai Llanos said, “Holy spirit, it has strings. I think it will be worse to be honest. I mean, unfortunately.” The remix version of Session 53 with Gerard Pique’s singing is just for fun to the original version that the Colombian singer agreed with Gerard Pique. In case you missed it: Real Madrid terminated Eden Hazard’s contract with the consent of both parties, becoming the third player to leave the club this season. Sasha and Milan spent time with Gerard Pique. Shakira will come to Barcelona to send her children. As many sources reported, Sasha and Milan will meet their father this Sunday, June 4th, 2023. However, Shakira will come to Barcelona to send her children to their birth parents’ home. The Colombian singer broke up with Pique due to his affair with Clara Chia. Currently, Shakira has left Miami with her children while Pique is living in Barcelona with his current girlfriend. Despite the tension between them, both couples want their children to spend time with each other and have signed an agreement for this. However, Pique is the one who picks up the children from Miami on June 2nd, 2023, and the Colombian singer changed her plan at the last minute and decided to send her children to Barcelona. The two kids will stay with their father until June 19th, 2023. Initially, the children were supposed to stay with Pique until June 17th, but the trip was delayed by two days, so the kids will have more time to spend with their father. Related news: “Beautiful,” Eva Longoria replied to a photo on Instagram of the beauty Georgina Rodriguez after she named her as her ‘inspiration’ Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell of Chelsea were seen in the Red Bull paddock at the Spanish F1 GP as Max Verstappen took pole.

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