T5. Th9 21st, 2023

“Người yêu cũ Erica Herman khởi động chiến dịch phản công táo bạo, yêu cầu đấu tranh tại tòa với Tiger Woods”

Erica Herman, girlfriend of golf legend Tiger Woods, is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Woods over their disputed legal settlement. Herman, who accused Woods of sexual harassment earlier this year, has now requested that the court reconsider their decision and make their legal dispute public. This bold move has increased the risk in what has become a heated legal dispute. Since Herman filed the suit against Woods and his trust fund that owns his $54 million Florida estate, the allegations of sexual harassment have been in limbo, cloaked in secrecy. As the legal battle continues, the question remains: did Herman actually sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)? These unresolved issues add a fascinating layer of complexity to an already controversial dispute. As the court weighs their options, the outcome of this high-risk legal battle could have far-reaching consequences for both parties involved.

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