CN. Th10 1st, 2023

Rockstar Games thông báo GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries là bản cập nhật mùa hè năm 2023.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online has been a sensation for over a decade now. Rockstar Games has continuously updated the game with new content, keeping players engaged and entertained. The latest DLC update, San Andreas Mercenaries, is set to release on June 13th, and it promises to be one of the biggest updates yet. Players will join a private army and fight against Merryweather Security, a corrupt military contractor. In addition to new missions, vehicles, and weapons, the update will introduce a new career path as a mercenary for players to earn money and reputation. The update will also feature events across all three game spaces: land, air, and water. With free DLC updates like San Andreas Mercenaries, GTA Online has remained a popular game for fans for years, even as they eagerly await the release of GTA 6.

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