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Top 5 bộ tổ hợp đội tuyệt vời nhất cho Kaedehara Kazuha trong Genshin Impact

Kaedehara Kazuha, a respected wandering samurai, has had a significant impact on team building strategies in the kingdom of Genshin Impact. With his incredible Anemo abilities and unparalleled potential for elemental damage, Kazuha has proven to be a valuable addition to diverse team compositions. In this article, players will delve into five top team compositions that effectively maximize Kazuha’s potential. These compositions showcase his ability to synergize with multiple characters and playstyles, whether you crave powerful elemental reactions, staggering burst damage, or reliable elemental support. Each composition offers various strategies tailored to your personal gaming preferences.

The first composition, Ayaka – Ganyu – Shenhe – Kazuha, focuses on a formidable Cryo setup, with Ayaka and Ganyu as the primary damage dealers, supported by Shenhe and Kazuha’s substantial Cryo damage. This team possesses great DPS potential.

The second composition, Kazuha – Xingqiu – Xiangling – Bennett, showcases the efficiency of this team in maximizing Kazuha’s impact. With Xingqiu, Xiangling, and Bennett, the team’s overall damage output is significantly increased when Kazuha is added. Kazuha synergizes well with Xiangling, utilizing her Pyronado to generate constant swirls and provide beneficial effects.

The third composition, Tartaglia – Xiangling – Kazuha – Bennett, is widely recognized as one of the most powerful and resilient setups. With Bennett’s healing and attack buffs, Kazuha’s damage potential is further amplified through swirl and resistance reduction. Xiangling deals significant damage outside of the field, while Tartaglia’s burst and skill have the ability to vaporize Pyro enemies. This team is highly efficient and highly ranked within the Genshin Impact community.

The fourth composition, Ayaka – Shenhe – Kokomi – Kazuha, excels in efficiently handling enemy groups. Kazuha’s unique ability to gather and group enemies allows Kokomi to easily utilize her Hydro element. Shenhe, with her freezing ability, takes advantage of this setup by immobilizing enemy groups. Ayaka’s devastating burst damage further enhances the team’s collective impact. Kazuha’s passive buffs significantly increase Ayaka’s Cryo damage, solidifying her role as an incredible Anemo support to maximize Ayaka’s destructive potential.

The fifth composition, Raiden – Sara – Kazuha – Bennett, revolves around the formidable Raiden Shogun, who acts as the primary damage dealer. Sara contributes significantly to the team with her impressive damage conversion ability, while Bennett’s burst serves a dual purpose of healing and boosting attack. Kazuha plays a crucial role in this team by skillfully utilizing Swirl to add Pyro or Electro damage, weakening enemy resistances and efficiently gathering enemies for Raiden Shogun to swiftly dispatch.

Kaedehara Kazuha showcases his remarkable skills in these five incredible team compositions in Genshin Impact, offering incredible flexibility and overall elemental power to significantly boost the damage of his teammates. Whether you’re a fan of Raiden Shogun’s exhilarating power, Ayaka’s Cryo specialization, or any other elemental combinations, incorporating Kazuha into your team truly enhances their overall effectiveness. I encourage you to explore and experiment with these setups, customizing them to suit your playstyle as you embark on exciting adventures throughout Teyvat.

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