CN. Th10 1st, 2023

“Vị huyền thoại của Mets, Keith Hernandez, KHÔNG SẴN LÒNG nhường áo số 17 cho Shohei Ohtani dù thỏa thuận tiềm năng đang tiến triển”

Shohei Ohtani, the superstar MLB player, continues to be the center of attention in discussions about his future. The Japanese athlete has impressed fans and experts alike with his skills and impressive gameplay, leading many to consider him the best baseball player of all time. Recently, the New York Mets have emerged as a potential destination for Ohtani, sparking conversations about whether he would fit in with the team. Surprisingly, former Mets player Keith Hernandez, who had his jersey number retired by the team, expressed hesitation about Ohtani joining the Mets. The reason behind his reluctance is quite peculiar. It’s not that he doesn’t want a player like Ohtani, but rather the number he would wear if he joined. Ohtani has been seen wearing the number 17, the same number Hernandez wore during his time with the Mets. When asked if he would allow Ohtani to wear the number, Hernandez responded with a dismissive “don’t ask.” This amusing exchange between Hernandez and the SNY TV analysts has left fans wondering if Ohtani would wear number 1 or 17 if he joined the Mets. While the debate about Ohtani’s future continues, the Mets find themselves in a position of financial power despite a challenging season. Ohtani, a player sought after by many big-league teams, including the Mets, raises the question of whether he will make the move to New York in the future. Recently, MLB Network analyst Bo Porter proposed a peculiar trade deal between the Mets and Ohtani’s current team, the Angels. Porter faced significant criticism on social media for this idea. However, one thing is certain: Ohtani’s next contract will be the largest in MLB history. Some experts have speculated that the new deal could be worth anywhere between $500 to $600 million. Amidst the speculation, a surprising revelation came to light when a fan tweeted the Mets’ general manager about signing Ohtani back in 2012. At the time, Ohtani was still an amateur player, and if the Mets had listened to the young fan’s advice, Ohtani could have been playing for them right now. If the Mets wish to secure his services, they will have to compete against other major teams such as the LA Dodgers and their cross-town rivals, the Yankees. In case you missed it, former MLB player Alex Rodriguez turned down a $1.8 million offer to “marry” Yankees legend Jennifer Lopez due to trust issues in their relationship. Hall of Fame player Ken Griffey Jr. revealed why he ultimately chose to play for the Yankees despite receiving a trade offer in 2003.

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